Irwin Cotler

In her monthly column for Jewish Life magazine, Wendy Kahn reflects on the visit to South Africa by the Hon Professor Irwin Cotler, and his many important meetings and engagements with government and civil society.

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Prof Irwin Cotler talks about Raoul Wallenberg

When explaining the role the SAJBD plays on behalf of our community, we always describe ourselves as the representative voice of South African Jewry. What, however, does that exactly mean, in practical terms? [read more]


Above Board 24 February 2012

Minister Paul Mashatile

Last week, I reported briefly on our just-concluded meeting with Minister of Arts and Culture Paul Mashatile, in which his reported comment that our government might consider implementing sanctions against Israel was discussed. I can now elaborate on what transpired, and can say without reservation that we were very satisfied with the outcomes achieved. [read more]


Passport photo of Raoul Wallenberg

All over the world, commemorative functions are being held to mark the centenary of the birth of Raoul Wallenberg, the legendary Swedish diplomatic through whose courage and initiative an estimated 100 000 Hungarian Jews were rescued during the Holocaust. On Monday evening, some 200 people packed into the Abe Abrahamson Auditorium in Beyachad to hear the Hon. Irwin Cotler speak about Wallenberg’s life and ongoing legacy. Amongst those present were Canadian High Commissioner Adele Dion, Hungarian Ambassador Bela Laszlo, the Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador of Israel Dov Segev-Steinberg and Ya’acov Finkelstein, Johannes Oljelund from the Embassy of Sweden, and Earl T. Miller, US Consul-General Johannesburg. [read more]