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by Mary Kluk on 16 August 2012

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Visit SAJBD’s Revamped Website

Upgrading the Board’s website to the kind of level needed for it to act as an effective vehicle for what we do was for altogether too long a work-in-progress. Time and again, it ended up being put on the backburner as issues requiring more immediate attention came to the fore.

I am now pleased to report that a sustained effort over the first part of this year has at last brought the project to fruition, and that at long last we can direct people to a website that we feel does justice to the Board’s multifaceted work on behalf of the Jewish community. For this, thanks in large part are due to our Senior Researcher Steven Gruzd, who brought to the task all the necessary creativity, theoretical insight and, perhaps above all, persistence in ensuring that the project was followed through in all its myriad details.

While no longer a work-in-progress, the website should not, of course, be regarded as somehow complete and unchangeable. Like any other successful site, it needs to be dynamic, constantly up-to-date and engaging with its audience. We invite you to avail yourselves of everything it has to offer, and use the opportunities it provides to give us feedback, whether on how to improve the website itself or on the work of the Board in general.

The SAJBD’s website (which includes links to the website of the Cape Board as well as information on all our other branches) can be accessed at

Celebrating the Jewish Heritage in Kimberley

Kimberley Synagogue established 110 years ago

This year has been a difficult one in terms of having to confront a rising tide of anti-Israel hostility, but it is far from being the whole story. In the same period we have seen numerous uplifting demonstrations of how deeply our Jewish community has interwoven itself into the tapestry of South African society at every level, and how much good will this has generated towards us.

Last week, I wrote on two such events, the Cycalive inter-school cycling trip from Johannesburg to Durban and the unveiling ceremony for the new Jewish Boer monument in Ladysmith.

I can now report back on another memorable celebration of our community’s role in building South Africa, the commemorative events held over the long-weekend to mark the 110th anniversary commemoration of the Kimberley synagogue. The SAJBD Country Communities Department, African Jewish Congress and Griqualand West Hebrew Congregation collaborated in hosting this exciting series of events. Once again, we were impressed to see so many members of the general community joining us, and by the how much the Jewish contribution to their city from the earliest times to the present day is recognised and appreciated.

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This Above Board Column first appeared in the South African Jewish Report on 17 August 2012

Mary Kluk
Mary Kluk is the Chairman of the SAJBD, and is based in Durban.

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