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Welcome to the SAJBD Communal Diary.

Communal Diary Reference:

  • See at a glance all the major activities in the Jewish community in Johannesburg hosted by communal organisations. To add an event, please download this form and email it to Jenni Fearnley or call her on 011 645-2521.
  • By default, the calendar displays the events by month. To look at the calendar in weekly, daily or agenda views, toggle the top left button of the calendar that currently says "Month".
  • To print the events for a month, select "Agenda" from the top left dropdown above the calendar; a print button will then appear top right which will generate a print-friendly page for you to print.
  • You can toggle calendar categories with the "Categories" button, top right.
  • Lastly, you can add all the events to your personal calendars (such as Outlook and iCal) by clicking "Subscribe" at the bottom of the calendar.
DISCLAIMER: The information on this Communal Diary was correct at the time it was uploaded. You are strongly advised to contact the organisation concerned to verify starting and ending times , exact venues and other details related to these events. The SAJBD will not be held responsible for changes, cancellations or other alterations to these events. To report errors, please email Jenni Fearnley or call her on 011 645-2521.

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