Rhoda Kadalie’s article in the Citizen 07 November, 2014

7 November 2014
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National Director, Wendy Kahn, Attends the World Jewish Congress’s National Community Directors Forum

20 November 2014

Earlier this week I attended the World Jewish Congress’s National Community Directors Forum.  My counterparts from 45 countries met in Prague to share our experiences and work together to find solutions to the challenges we all face. I joined executive directors from countries such as Spain, Turkey, Georgia, Costa Rica, Germany, Ukraine, Ireland, Hungary, the […]

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South African Jewish Board of Deputies Mourns Dalya Lemkus

11 November 2014

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a number of Israelis murdered in terror attacks.  Among them was Dalya Lemkus, a young woman, whose family came from our own South African Jewish Community.  26 year old Dalya was fatally stabbed in her neck while waiting for transport at the side of the street outside […]

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30 October 2014

ADVISORY The South African Jewish community will be holding a demonstration against rising antisemitism and intimidation in our country. There has, over the past few months been an escalation of levels of antisemitism and hate speech against members of the Jewish Community. This has included direct verbal threats, anti-Jewish grand-standing by political and civil society […]

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The ugliness and intolerance of BDS SA

18 September 2014

Wendy Kahn writes on the group’s bullying protest outside of the SAJBD Gauteng’s twenty years of democracy conference Celebrating SA democracy free of Intimidation In the early days of our young democracy, South Africans embraced the image of the rainbow – the beautiful spectrum of colours that would stand together celebrating the diversity of their […]

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Report on the SAJBD’s Tribute to Chiune Sugihara evening

27 August 2014

Members of the Jewish and Japanese communities, diplomats, business leaders and Holocaust survivors packed into the Abe Abrahamson Auditorium at Beyachad last Wednesday to remember Chiune Sugihara, the heroic Japanese diplomat who exceeded his authority to issue 6000 life-saving visas to Jewish refugees during World War II. The event took place under the combined auspices […]

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Associate Director David Sacks’ Opinion Piece on the Gaza conflict appeared in the Saturday Star on 19 July 2014

21 July 2014

Click on the link to view David Sacks’ opinion piece SAJDB pdf_01

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SAJBD issued a statement regarding antisemetic incident toward American Jewish business and communal leaders at the AU Commission Summit in Equatorial Guinea

9 July 2014

Following an antisemitic incident concerning a group of American Jewish business and communal leaders at the AU Commission Summit in Equatorial Guinea, the SAJBD liaised with Malcolm Hoenlein for a full briefing on the occurrence. The SAJBD issued a statement regarding the incident and wrote to the Chairperson of the AU Commission Dr Dlamini Zuma […]

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Press Release

26 May 2014

On Saturday afternoon, an unidentified gunman went on a murderous shooting rampage in the Jewish Museum in Brussels, killing four people. There can be little doubt that the museum was targeted specifically because it was a Jewish institution, and that the attack was an antisemitically motivated hate crime. The SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) […]

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20 May 2014

Five months ago, under the heading ‘Make Us Count’, the Board embarked on a serious of initiatives aimed at encouraging the Jewish community to become involved and in general get into the spirit of the upcoming national elections. It began with a drive to encourage first-time voters, as well as those living overseas, to ensure […]

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2 May 2014

Earlier this week, the annual Yom Hashoah ceremonies took place under the auspices of the SAJBD in all the main Jewish population centres. The ceremonies in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Port Elizabeth took place on Sunday and in Cape Town and Durban the following day. The keynote speaker in Johannesburg and Durban was Eva Schloss, a […]

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