Mission and Structure


The SAJBD’s mission is to work for the betterment of human relations between Jews and all other peoples of South Africa, based on mutual respect, understanding and goodwill, and to protect the civil liberties of South African Jews. It is committed to a South Africa where everyone will enjoy freedom from the evils of prejudice, intolerance and discrimination.




The Board functions through a combination of professional staff and voluntary lay leadership. It has regional committees or representatives in JohannesburgCape TownDurbanPort ElizabethPretoria and East London. These regions are represented on a National Executive Committee (NEC), which meets once every four months at the national headquarters in Raedene, Johannesburg.

National conferences, at which the National President, Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen are elected by the NEC, take place biennially, with regional conferences taking place in the intervening years.