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SA Rochlin Archives

Local and overseas researchers continue to make extensive use of the unique resources of the SAJBD’s Archives, named after the Board’s first archivist, SA Rochlin.

The journals are made up of current issues and bound volumes, collected over many years. Publications with SA Jewish themes are purchased, as well as significant books on world Jewry, Israel, Holocaust, antisemitism and biographies. We continue to receive requests for articles in our journals from inter-library loan. The book collection is accommodated in the Jesse Kaplan Boardroom while the SAZF’s is in the Isie Maisels Library. The book collection of the SAJBD and SAZF has been computerised in a catalogue which reflects the holdings of each library.

Our comprehensive newspaper cuttings collection, starting at the end of the 19th Century, has proven invaluable to researchers. It includes significant files on the history of SA Jewry, other topics of Jewish interest and prominent personalities (Jewish and non-Jewish).

The unique SAJBD Archives include minute books, original manuscripts, documents, correspondence and photographs. The information on Jewish life in the country areas has been used extensively by the SA Friends of Beth Hatefutsoth. Mrs Musiker has compiled a computerised index to the Jewish Chronicle Abstracts 1885-1910, compiled by former SAJBD archivist, SA Rochlin. A second edition of the Guide to the Archives, including a computerized index to 3000 pictures, appeared in 2007. This Guide is being constantly updated. A decennial index for 1998–2008 to Jewish Affairs appeared in 2008 and an inventory of the Morris Alexander Papers in 2009.

Library Consultant: Professor Reuben Musiker  +27116452500

Archivist: Mrs Naomi Musiker +27116452523