Search: Amos Goldreich at Liliesleaf, 26 August 2011

Paul and Amos Goldreich at LiliesleafOn 26 August 2011, the Board hosted “Jewish Struggle Heroes Remembered – A Conversation with Paul and Amos Goldreich” at Liliesleaf in Rivonia, where their late father Arthur Goldreich had lived with his family in the early 1960s. Liliesleaf also served as the headquarters for Umkono we Siwze, the armed wing of the then-banned African National Congress and is now a national museum. Paul lived there as a young child, and both spoke about the effects of apartheid on the children of activists, and Arthur’s subsequent life and work in Israel.The event also allowed an important conversation about the roles and responsibilities of Jews during and after apartheid in South Africa. The Board’s 2011 Human Rights Award was awarded posthumously to Arthur Goldreich, and Paul and Amos, who both now live in the UK, travelled to South Africa to receive it on behalf of their late father.

The event generated some interesting media coverage:

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